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Luxe Air Conditioning introduces unparalleled comfort solutions: our ducted systems deliver consistent temperatures throughout, while our split system targets specific zones for personalised comfort. For expansive areas, our advanced VRV and VRF technologies promise optimal efficiency.

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Our Air Conditioning Services

Luxe delivers more than just cooling; it's an experience. With precision installation and premium maintenance, we elevate both comfort and style in every space.

Split Systems

Split systems, with separate indoor and outdoor units, are popular due to their efficiency and ease of installation in homes and small businesses without the need for ductwork.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Luxe's ducted air conditioning systems distribute harmonious temperatures throughout your property, ensuring every corner radiates opulent comfort.

Multi-Head Systems

Experience versatility with a touch of sophistication. Our multi-split systems offer cooling for multiple rooms, all while maintaining the high-end ambiance Luxe is renowned for.

VRV & VRF Systems

Redefining luxury with cutting-edge technology. Our Variable Refrigerant Volume/Flow systems cater to discerning tastes, offering individual climate control in each room, making them the preferred choice for upscale commercial spaces and lavish homes.

Heat Pump Systems

Year-round luxury is now at your fingertips. Our heat pumps are not just air conditioners but also heaters, curated for those who seek opulence in every season. Experience the epitome of year-round comfort.

Maintenance & Services

Maintain the pristine performance of your cooling solutions with our servicing. From meticulous filter changes to precise system checks, or rely on us for unparalleled air conditioning installations.





At Luxe Air Conditioning, we begin with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs. By evaluating the intricacies of your space, we can determine the best cooling solutions tailored to your environment.


Our team crafts meticulous schematic drawings, ensuring that every component of your air conditioning system is optimised for performance and aesthetics. With precision at the forefront, we aim to seamlessly integrate our systems into your space.


With our unparalleled project administration, we guarantee a smooth installation process. Our dedicated team oversees every step, ensuring that your air conditioning system is set up with efficiency, accuracy, and a touch of luxury that only Luxe can provide.

Precision Airflow Planning, Air Comfort Construction, Refined Cooling Ambiance, Regal Climate Craftsmanship

Bespoke Climate Planning, Ventilation system framework, Airflow Optimisation Structure

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Energy-Efficient Excellence

Discover Luxe Air Conditioning's premium, energy-efficient models. Merging luxury with sustainability, our systems offer unmatched comfort while conserving energy. Elevate your space with eco-conscious indulgence.

What Our Clients Say?

At Luxe Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to all our valued customers. But don't just take our word for it! Browse through the feedback below to see what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience with us

Feedback Summary

Oct 16, 2023

Score: 10/10

Clean, neat installation. Attention to detail. Respectful, courteous tradesmen. Better siting of external compressor unit, even though it involved extra work. Located and repaired a pre-existing fault in my switchboard.

Feedback for Job #3174

John Hill

North Willoughby, NSW 2068

Feedback Summary

Sep 15, 2023

Score: 10/10

Blake and James did a great job installing the aircon. They worked diligently all day on the job and found the time to fix some extra issues we had. Rubbish was removed and all debris was vacuumed up on completion of the job. Would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for a professional installation

Feedback for Job #3155

Dianne Williams

Fairlight, New South Wales 2094

Feedback Summary
Oct 25, 2023

Score: 10/10

Local Friendly Competitive Price Excellent guys who installed

Feedback For Job # 3171


Manly Vale, New South Wales 2095

Most Requested Technicians

Discover refined climate control with Luxe Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians craft and install bespoke air systems that epitomise efficiency and elegance. Elevate your space with our whisper-quiet, luxury units, designed for enduring comfort

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